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First Greek Yoghurt

Since 1993 

Team Members

Agnes Daku

Agnes Daku

General Manager

Manager of Zeno’s, earned her first degree at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology in Culture and Tourism. She is energetic, positive and seeking to make an impact in her space!

Enyonam Kudadze

Enyonam Kudadze

Sales and Marketing Coordinator

Sales and Marketing Coordinator of the Zeno’s. Easy going and always ready to go the extra mile.


Faustina Sefah

Financial Officer

Faustina earned her degree at the University of Professional Studies and is the financial officer at Zeno's. She is self motivated and focused.

Zeno’s Yoghurt Bar Staff

Zeno’s is a women-led business made up of 90% females. We encourage employees to be entrepreneurial, imparting a certain mentality, approach and way of thinking amongst staff which we believe helps them apply themselves better; creating a stronger organizational culture. Additionally, encouraging our employees to be entrepreneurs gives them an opportunity to earn additional income on the side.

Zeno's Team