Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Ask Questions

Zeno’s – Store Products

1. Which Zeno’s yoghurt product is good for pregnant women and lactating mothers?

All our yoghurt products contain live bacteria (probiotics) which is recommended for pregnant women.

2. Which Zeno’s yoghurt product is recommended for children from 6 months and above?

We recommend our unsweetened Greek Style and Plain Set yoghurt from 6 months and above. Our yoghurt Drink, Honey Bottom and all our other products can be given from 1 year and above.

3. Which Zeno’s yoghurt products can be used by Keto dieters?

Greek Style, Plain Set and Labneh.

4. What type of milk is used in making Zeno’s Yoghurt?

Whole Milk and Skimmed Milk Powder.

5. Is the yoghurt pasteurized?

No. The milk is pasteurized but the yoghurt is not pasteurized; hence it has live and active bacteria (probiotics).

6. What sweetener is used in the Zeno’s drinking yoghurt bottles?

Sugar. Honey is used for the Honey Bottom cups.

7. Can Zeno’s yoghurt products be kept in the freezer?

We do not recommend freezing any of the Zeno’s products since freezing changes the yoghurt texture to a rough consistency once thawed; particularly with the Plain Set, Greek Style and Labneh. The yoghurt Drink, Plain and Honey Bottom cup can be kept in the freezer just before consumption to give it a slightly frozen consistency.

8. What fridge temperature should Zeno’s yoghurt be stored?

4 degrees Celsius.

9. What kind of dishes can you make with Greek Style yoghurt?

Our Greek Style and Plain Set can be used in baking cake, bread, marinating chicken, making salad dressings etc. Our Labneh (Strained Yoghurt) can be used as a spread, dip, in making cheesecake and can generally serve as a substitute for sour cream.

10. Where can I buy Zeno’s Yoghurt products?

Kindly refer to the find us page on our website for the full list of shops we supply and agents.

11. What do I do if I can’t find Zeno’s Yoghurt products at a store that usually stocks it?

Please alert the shopkeepers and reach out to us via phone or on social media. Our numbers are online.

12. What do I do if I buy a Zeno’s Yoghurt product only to find out that it is fermented?

It would be helpful to send a picture of the batch number, dates of manufacturing and expiration, along with place of purchase. This will help us investigate the cause and replace it. We will check the fridge temperature in the store, and also check to see if there were any issues with that particular batch produced.

13. What are the differences between the different Zeno’s Yoghurt products?

Greek Style: An unsweetened, stirred, thicker and creamier version of our Plain Set yoghurt

Plain Set: An unsweetened, set yoghurt. This is our original classic recipe.

Labneh (Strained yoghurt): An unsweetened, very thick, strained yoghurt. This is thicker than our Greek Style

Honey Bottom: Plain yoghurt with honey at the bottom

Plain: Plain drinking yoghurt in a cup

Yoghurt Drink: Plain drinking yoghurt in a bottle

Zeno’s – Yoghurt Bars

1. Is there a difference between the drinking yoghurt at the Zeno’s Yoghurt Bars and

the ones with the Labels in the stores?

Yes. Our yoghurt bar drinking yoghurt are made from Greek Yoghurt whereas the ones in the stores are made from Plain Set Yoghurt.

2. Why are there no labels on the bottles at the Zeno’s Yoghurt Bar?

As with all our other products at the Zeno’s Yoghurt Bar i.e. Parfait, Smoothies, Cake, Froyo etc, our Zeno’s Yoghurt Bars are FDA certified thus, we are certified to produce and sell our yoghurt and creations for immediate consumption without labels.

Orders And Minimum Quantity

1. What is the minimum order I need to place to be able to benefit from wholesale

factory price?

10 pieces of Plain Set, Greek Style or Labneh. 20 pieces of Drinking yoghurt, Honey Bottom or Plain. You will however need to pay, place your order and pick it up from any of our yoghurt bars.

2. Do you supply restaurants?

Yes we do.

3. Can a restaurant or food retailer use Zeno’s Yoghurt and or Zeno’s Granolas to come up with creations like Parfait etc?

Yes. Restaurants using Zeno's Yoghurt in its raw form are required to state the source as Zeno's Yoghurt on their menu. If the yoghurt is being combined with fruits and granola etc, we still require our name to be stated on the menu.