Crunchy Cereal


Made from simple ingredients, our Crunchy Cereal is perfect as a snack, with milk or yoghurt. This high fiber cereal keeps you fuller for longer. It is sweetened naturally with honey and contains for preservatives or additives. The almonds and raisins add extra nutritional benefits and elevates its yumminess to a whole new level

Ingredients: Corn, Raisins, Cashew, Nut, Almond, Coconut, Honey, Vegetable Oil and Salt.

Nutritional Information / Information Nutritionnelle
Typical values per 100ml / Valeur typique pour 100ml
Fat/ Matières Grasses 17.4g
Protein/ Protéines 8.81g
Carbohydrates/ Glucides
(including fibre)
Energy/ Energie 464.32kcal
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