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Our mission is to improve the quality of life of women and children by creating a substantial and lasting impact:

i. Economic Equality

Investing in women through capacity building to provide them with better economic opportunities.

The Zeno’s Foundation leverages on a network of female professionals and experts in various fields, enabling women to be self sufficient.

ii. Social Justice

· Dedicated to advocating for the rights of women and children by creating awareness; through stickers on our creation cups and social media on issues that directly affect women and children and getting involved in plans of action.

· Our Fly Woman Initiative aimed at encouraging boldness in women through art.

iii. Improved Health and Wellness

· Through annual blood drives targeted at Maternal mortality and Pediatric Cancer.

· Partnering with Mothers of Children with Cerebral Palsy and Special Needs to raise funds and create awareness on the lack of financial support, stigmatization and lack of government support for mothers who are usually sole caregivers and unable to work, thereby leaving them with no means of income to care for the expensive day to day costs of a child with special needs.

We are committed to giving a portion of our profits to our cause. To offer your time in volunteering or to donate to this cause, email us at zenosyoghurt@gmail.com.

Get ONE Gift ONE Program

Zenos Foundation and Orijin Bees Get ONE Gift ONE Program have joined forces to empower young girls in Ghana. Both companies believe in nurturing disadvantaged children to reach their maximum potential. These women owned companies know first hand the important impact of healthy, happy and confident children, living in safe environments. Together, we will work with charitable organizations to help develop underprivileged children; emphasizing the positive impact of toys and “pretend play” in their development and the positive impact in their journey of life.


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