Cerebral Palsy

Cerebral Palsy

Empowering Cerebral Palsy Mothers and fostering self-sustainability through seed capital and additional resource donations.

Join hands with us in making a lasting impact

Partnering with Mothers of Children with Cerebral Palsy and Special Needs to raise funds and create awareness on the lack of financial support, stigmatization and lack of government support for mothers who are usually sole caregivers and unable to work, thereby leaving them with no means of income to care for the expensive day to day costs of a child with special needs.

The Zeno’s Foundation helps amplify the voices of remarkable mothers like Dora Brew, Cecilia Fosu, Saudatu Kassim, and many others who have faced extraordinary challenges with grace and determination.

Mothers Making a Difference

These are the stories of single mothers caring for children with Cerebral Palsy, navigating life's most profound hurdles with unwavering dedication. Explore our stories, join our cause, and be part of a transformational journey.


Saudatu Kassim

Hello, I am Saudatu Kassim, and my daughter's name is Fridaus Esther Ngoye. Despite being 7 years old, Fridaus resembles a 7-month-old baby in her development. I gave birth to her in Agotime Kpetoe, a town in the Volta region of Ghana. Two weeks after her birth, a doctor delivered the heart-wrenching news that she has Cerebral Palsy.


For the first year of her life, my daughter's father cared for her, but that support abruptly ceased. My attempts to reach out through calls and messages were met with indifference. This left us in dire straits, struggling for both food and Fridaus's essential medications.


In my darkest moments, I crossed paths with Ms. Zenobia from Zeno’s Foundation, who has been an incredible source of support for us.


Today, I come with a heartfelt plea. I aspire to establish my pastry business to provide for my child's needs and offer her the best possible care.


Your assistance and support in this endeavor would mean the world to us, and it would help us build a brighter future, full of hope and possibilities.


Cecilia Fosu

Hello, I'm Cecilia Fosu, a 42-year-old mother who has faced unique challenges since the birth of my son, Michael Sakye, who is now 5 years old.

Before Michael's arrival, I used to hawk various items in Accra to make ends meet. However, everything changed after he was born.

Around 6 months after his birth, Michael was unable to sit with support, which raised concerns. Our visit to the hospital resulted in a diagnosis of cerebral palsy and epilepsy. This marked the beginning of a challenging journey for us.

I've made numerous attempts at various businesses, but due to limited capital, these ventures have struggled to succeed. We often find ourselves using the same money for our daily expenses, leaving little room for investment or growth.

I am reaching out to Zeno's Foundation with a heartfelt plea for assistance. I would be immensely grateful if the foundation could help me invest in a palm kernel business for my family. This support would not only provide for Michael's needs but also create a sustainable source of income for our family's future.

Your generosity and support would mean the world to us, and it would enable us to work towards a brighter future despite the challenges we face.


Dora Brew

I'm Dora Brew, a 47-year-old single mother facing unique challenges in caring for my beloved daughter, Princess Adu-Gyamfi, who has cerebral palsy. Our journey has been marked by resilience and love.


I was blessed with two beautiful twin girls, both diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Unfortunately, my husband left us when he saw the challenges our children were facing. I used to support my family by selling bread in Ofankor, but people stopped buying from me after witnessing the conditions of my children. To make matters worse, we were forced to leave the kiosk we called home, all because of the same reason.


Tragically, I lost one of my precious twins, and I had to move in with my mother for support. My dream now is to provide a better life for Princess Adu-Gyamfi.


I'm reaching out to Zeno's Foundation with a heartfelt request for assistance. I would be immensely grateful if the foundation could

help me set up a poly tank retail pipe-borne water system in our community.

This support would not only provide for my child's needs but also serve as a

source of income to sustain our family.


Your kindness and support would mean the world to us. Together, we can make a positive impact on Princess Adu-Gyamfi's life and bring hope to our family.

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We are committed to giving a portion of our profits to our cause. To offer your time in volunteering or to donate to this cause, email us at zenosyoghurt@gmail.com.

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